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The Rune Priest: A Class For Dungeon World
by György S. T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/15/2021 10:14:46


  • It is a great melee cleric-wizard hybrid, I like the wide range of spells they have.


  • A bit lack of fiction driven moves, maybe it is because the cleric and the wizard have also mostly mechanical advanced moves only.
  • A lot of typos and editing errors. Please someone read the file twice, and fix them.

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The Rune Priest: A Class For Dungeon World
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Names For Days: Over 9,000 Names For People, Places and Things
by Jean M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/26/2020 16:44:48

I originally bought this about three months ago, and only commented rather than leaving a full review. Since I've had three months to reflect (and a few minutes to write) I can go into my feelings in some detail.

First, I should mention I got this at half price during a promotion. It was, more or less, worth that $1.50 because, as I said, you can't buy a good d20 for that. (given what I spent backing the Dispel Dice Kickstarter ... no, I don't want to think about that one) I mostly wanted to see what it was, and that was worth a buck and a half to me. It's worth taking the price it might be at any given time into consideration when you decide if this is something you want.

I would describe it as "shovelware". Like the old CDs whose publishers used to round up everything free, shareware, or dubious, load it onto a disc, and sell it for a few bucks at computer shows, it's in many ways a disorganized heap of stuff, piled up together without rhyme or reason.

There are certainly thousands of names, but, for example, the names for people do not indicate culture, nationality, or even gender. (though one of the suggested names for giants is "Gender", which makes you think ... unfortunately, it makes me think about what database the author might have scraped) As I said in my comments earlier, aparently Aristomachos and Arihelva might be next-door neighbors. Without any of that information, it is much less useful than the many name lists that are for sale here on DriveThruRPG, or even the innumerable free baby name lists you can find online. You could write down lists of syllables and throw dice to choose them, and get names at least as useful as these.

The formatting makes it painful to read. There is a reason everything from newspapers to books do not center all their text, and that reason is not that they're unable to; it's that centered text strains the eye. You can't just pop right to the next line as you read; you have to look for it, it's over there somewhere. And this product has pages and pages of that.

In my opinion, it's worth a buck and a half for the inn names. I just really like the Furious Llama! Most of them would work pretty well for any fantasy setting, or potentially historical or other genres, and you're not going to be tripped up by not knowing where and when a name belongs as with the human names. (or Gender the Giant!)

I think if the author were to discard everything but the inns, left-justify them, and equip them with numbers for easy dice-roll selection, that might be worth the asking price. As it is, however, it is not.

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Names For Days: Over 9,000 Names For People, Places and Things
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Steam World (Core Book)
by Emanuel B. V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/07/2020 05:07:23

It's a cool and quite interesting concept for a regrettably underused theme and I appreciate the work that went in. The review by Lukas K. gives a good impression and I agree with most of it.

HOWEVER: This product is in dire need of an editor and some polish. I don't mind the Office Document look all that much and like that there are is least some fitting art, but the least I expect when I pay money for something written is proper and consistent formatting and spelling. It's not terrible, but it could be quite a bit better.

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Steam World (Core Book)
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Steam World (Core Book)
by Lukas K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/02/2016 17:43:47

At 5$, the price is right. So I went ahead and bought it.

My initial impressions:

The lack of races isn't an issue, but they didn't add in anything to make up for it. Inverse World has Backgrounds and Grim World has something similar. I suggest using Grim World races with this supplement and either coming up with your own Backgrounds or shamelessly ripping them from Inverse World, though that's not necessary.

The classes aren't all that new, but 2Die10 Games has done a great job of making the classes feel much more steampunk. The flavor, like the looks and the names, are definitely an important part of any Dungeon World game. And they nailed it here. I'm also a big fan of the apothecary class, as someone who kinda has the healing touch of a cleric and kinda has the poisons of a thief. They also added some very good poisons that I'm probably going to use in my current dungeon world game.

The Biomechanical upgrades are great. I believe just these would be worth the 5$ alone. This is the main point of interest for this supplement. It adds a real value for gold that Dungeon World doesn't really have natively. This makes the motivation to seek out treasure strong enough that I feel this supplement is more loot heavy than base Dungeon World. There are also enough examples that it is easy enough to create your own biomechanical upgrades with appropriate cost values, as hacking and homebrew is a staple of all dungeon world style games.

The monster list is much more expansive than I expected, and they are all very well written. This is another section that would have been worth the 5$ alone. Number Appearing (another good monster manual style supplement for DW) provides only a bit more content than this monster section.

As for the moves. They added a lot of moves. Many of these are old moves with new names. It means that if you use this supplement with other dungeon world books then you have to figure out when one move has two different names and record or remember what the two names for that one move are. (2Die10 Games, please put in the names of the original moves in parentheses next to the updated moves for ease of use.) I would have also preferred if they had also renamed and tweaked the basic and special moves, since they did such a good job of flavoring all the other stuff from dungeon world.

Another note on moves. There are a few moves that don't fit the spirit of Dungeon World. Some take averages of attributes (where DW would just tell you to take the higher of the two). Some only have a certain number of uses per battle. First Aide gets rid of the need to make camp for heals, because it doesn't fail and has unlimited uses outside of combat. And then in battle it gets outpaced by Healing Salve, which is a very good touch "poison." Personally, I would edit it to do +1d8 health but require a roll against Wis with similar effects to cleric or wizard spellcasting. That said, these are all simple fixes to simple issues.

TL;DR This supplement is well worth the money for the value it provides. I think it could easily be worth 10-15$. Is it perfect? No. Why did I rate it 5 stars? Because I got plenty more than 5$ worth of content. I will probably be introducing Steam Punk elements into my game soon and be using many of these ideas, as I like them quite a lot. But, be prepared to do some tweaking if you plan on using this supplement.

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