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WK2 Curse of the Kobold Eye (PF) $3.99
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WK2 Curse of the Kobold Eye (PF)
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WK2 Curse of the Kobold Eye (PF)
Publisher: Cut to the Chase Games
by Martin S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/16/2016 11:04:44

This review contains spoilers

This adventure is the second part of the Wrath of the Kobolds series. While you could use it on its own, it is enhanced when used as the follow-up to the first adventure. In the first module, the characters put an end the Kobold Queen’s reign of terror in the Talon Hills. As she dies, she curses them with her last breath. This module begins when the characters start to feel the effects of the curse. This is something I have not seen often in all my years. Characters can find cursed objects and have to get rid of them, but it is rare to have them suffering from a curse. Usually, they help others get rid of their curse.

As the characters become haunted by the spirit of a powerful kobold warlord, they have a chance to figure out what is going on and travel to a place call the Lone Library. This library is located in the Liverswood. When the characters reach the woods, they may notice that it is very creepy. The place is also under curse, like them the spirit of Kra-Moth-Kra, the powerful kobold warlord is encroaching upon the woods. He took hold of a bear and is terrorizing the lone gnome caretaker of the library. The thing is, this gnome is the descendant of the illusionist lords that defeated the kobold armies long ago. Of course, the characters learn this only if they make it to the library. They can help remove the curse from the woods and it is in their best interest to do so as Markar Laan, can create a special elixir that will remove their own curse when it is poured in on the remains of the kobold warlord.

Once their business is over in the Liverswood, the characters will have to travel to the ruins of an ancient gnome city where the tomb of Kra-Moth-Ka is located. There, they may make an alliance with a group of giant badgers, also descendants of badgers allied with the illusionist lords of old. Once they find the kobold warlord’s resting place, they will have to fight him and get to his remains to use the elixir. The adventure ends once the curse is lifted from the characters.

This is a very good adventure with a strong old school feel. First, the characters are personally involved. While they can certainly help others in order to achieve their goal, the fact remains that they do it for themselves. This is rare and very nice to see in a published adventure. Another thing that I like about the adventure is that the manifestations of the kobold spirit have different effects and they are not quantified or explained. What is sometimes frustrating with Pathfinder adventures is that most of the times, effects, consequences, and pretty much everything affecting characters is related to a spell-effect and can be countered with a save. Not so here, the curse affects them, they need help to research a solution, the content of the elixir than will lift the curse is left unexplained and hte only thing they need to know is how to use it. That is old school! I do not think everything needs to be quantified and /or statted to make the game enjoyable. In fact, all that crunch sometimes remove the fun from the game. This adventure is a perfect example of old school. It does not mean it is abusive and the players do not have a word to say, it just means that they know what they need to and that space is not wasted on justifying why things are the way they are.

The only thing I want to complain about is the effects of the curse. It would have been nice to have diverse effects varying in intensity as the characters come close to Kra-Moth-Ka’s tomb. As it is, it is not bad at all. The characters get to face the spirit and it gets stronger. But, I would have liked to see effects like haunts or even have characters suffer penalties while fighting. As it stands, the characters encounter a wraith with a bit more hit points and doing a bit more damage, and with a greater number of weaker undead surrounding it... So, not bad, but other effects would have been nice. That is just me though, it does not make the adventure less enjoyable because of this. Another strong point that this adventure has is that it can be used in any campaign. Indications are provided to help achieve this and the names of locations and NPCs are pretty generic. All in all, a very good adventure!

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