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DLQ1 Knight's Sword (2e) $4.99
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DLQ1 Knight\'s Sword (2e)
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DLQ1 Knight's Sword (2e)
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by Jay G. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/28/2019 22:47:30

Knight's Sword is by no means a perfect adventure but it gets far more right than it does wrong and I definitely found it to be one of the higher quality scans of the old TSR material.

THE GOOD It's an adventure for new characters (not the heroes of the lance) and is nowhere near as 'on rails' as the original Dragonlance modules. Enough time is spend on description and atmosphere to make the players really feel like they're adventuring in Krynn and not just some generic fantasy world. And I found the tie-in to the original novels rewarding for fans without being heavy handed or excluding non-fans.

THE BAD The main villain in many ways does just seem like a copy/paste version of a character from the novels rather than feeling truly original. The opening chapter of the adventure not only encourages but forces the DM to split the party, at which point one character is cast as the star of the adventure and the other PCs are their supporting cast. When I run this adventure I will probably collapse the first section into a narrative rather than a role-play portion. The Death Machine is made out to be a big deal but ultimately has no impact on the adventure.

I'm really looking forward to running this adventure but I definitely see myself cutting the content down to a one-session-one-shot rather than dragging it out.

Overall a good idea, executed well, but it feels unnecessarily padded out in places.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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