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WK3 Revenge of the Over-Kobold (PF)
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WK3 Revenge of the Over-Kobold (PF)
Publisher: Cut to the Chase Games
by Martin S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 12/08/2016 09:39:34

The last installment of the Wrath of the Kobolds trilogy begins with the characters returning to the town of Ormkirk which is featured in the first module of the series. The group is welcomed by the new townmaster (assuming the characters managed to find proof of the previous townmaster's involvement in the events of WK1).

As they are dining with Layla Havenstein, the new townmaster, chaos erupts in Ormkirk as a small army of kobolds is attacking the town. As buildings burn and people flee from the kobolds onslaught, there are six events in which the characters can play a role to save Ormkirk, or as much as can be saved. In my opinion, this type of event is usually pretty hard to play in game in which events are turn based. It usually is challenging to convey a sense of everything happening at once and letting the characters decide how to handle the situation. Over the years, I saw many systems to handle such occurrences and each time it felt as if the antagonists were waiting for the characters to arrive before they truly unleash their potential. Here however, an elegant and efficient system is used. Instead of having to count rounds or having a linear series of encounter that does not take into account each of the attacking groups composition (some kobolds have dire weasels with while others are using war chariot pulled by dire goats), each encounter is assigned six different “Destruction Points” score. Depending on the order in which each encounter is tackled, the GM selects a destruction score. For example, the kobolds and their dire weasels will cost the characters one point of destruction if they choose to handle this encounter first. However, if they choose to deal with it after all the other encounters are resolved, then that encounter will cost 6 points of destruction. The genius of the system lies in the fact that other encounters have a different progression. For example, 3 kobolds alchemists are moving around Ormkirk using bombs to destroy buildings. If dealt with early, they cost 3 DPs, but if taken care of last, they cost 13 DPs to account for their destructive potential. A simple and efficient system, I love it! The first chapter is a very good chapter!

After learning that the Over-kobold possesses a suit of armor gifted to him by the God of Kobolds, the second chapter sees the character follow hints and trails to find an artifact that can be used against the over-kobold and his magical armor. After learning that the first Over-kobold was defeated by his own spear on account of gnomish magic, the characters set out to find a reclusive blacksmith living in the Mountains, and who reputedly possesses said spear. Aside from the trip in the mountains, they will have to convince the blacksmith to reforge the spear. That second chapter is ok, but I feel it lacks set encounters. Sure, the characters will have to deal with the Gargoyles trying to prevent them from completing their quests, but without maps, their travels through the mountains will feel like a series of random encounters. Some work on the GM’s part will have to be done in order to render that part of the adventure more interesting. It may be just me, but a few more set encounters and locales might have been nice here.

Whether they have the spear in their possession or just the spearhead, the characters will be guided by the artifact towards Castle Kragtooth, the lair of the Over-kobold. Avoiding or fighting the patrols, they will reach Kargtooth field where an army of kobolds is camped. Each kobold tribe is described (there are four of them) and notes on how to use them and how they act during the day or night are provided. Notes are also provided to provide guidelines on how the characters can sneak into the Castle and avoid notice from the tribes. This is followed by a description of the Castle’s rooms and its inhabitants, with the last part providing notes on facing the Over-kobold himself. This part is also ok and it does have the old-school dungeon crawling feel which is what the module intends to do: provide an old school experience. The Over-kobold himself is an interesting and paranoid adversary. My only complaint here would be that besides the undead in the basement (which is avoided by the kobolds by the way), the opponents are not diversified since the castle hosts the Over-kobold entourage, mostly composed of kobolds. Of course, this is an encampment for a kobold army, so it is expected that most of the encounters will be with kobolds. However, making use of some of the available templates, classes, and archetypes in the Pathfinder game would provide much more diversity and more fun for players. Kobold chiefs and sub-chiefs all have the same statblock i.e. kobolds with warrior levels. After a few encounters, it become apparent that they are all the same even if you modify the description of each kobold.

Overall, not a bad adventure and the first part of the adventure is pretty awesome. Some tweaking is necessary to include a bit of variety and a feeling of realism in the locales and encounters in the rest of the adventure, but the plot is interesting and I feel like having to sneak past an army of kobolds and then find a way in the castle to fight the Over-kobold without raising the alarm is a very challenging task for low-level characters and something they could be proud of should they succeed.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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