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V20 Anarchs Unbound $14.99
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by P. B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/17/2014 11:55:47

Don't get me wrong; I like this book. I really do, but...

The thing with the Anarchs in Vampire is that they have received a LOT of words, but they haven't ever fully received the ATTENTION they deserve. This book continues that trend, and for every piece of brilliance in here, there is a hint that ought to had more done AND a lie that needed a bigger implication attached. Sure, the history, the mechanics, the notion of how technology has changed the very core of the Movement, these remain interesting if not brilliant, but the book adds very little to the 'sect' that I didn't see in previous edition books like Anarchs Cookbook, LA by Night, or the Guide to the Anarchs. We don't get any bombshells like we found in Rites of the Blood, and we don't get anything shiny new like we did in The Hunters Hunted II. We get updates and great presentation for sure, but I wanted more.

Okay, I fully admit that this is my opinion, and mileage varies and all that. However, I'd hoped that for V20, we'd see a text for a complete sect. There IS a lot of wonderful in here, but things like the Red Question, the technological innovations, the very IDEA of the Anarchs' agenda(s) beyond the here and now, none of those came with as much possibility as they had in straight up reporting. My take is simply this: Buy the book for what's in it, but don't expect to have it spin a lot of mad ideas that go beyond what's between the covers.

P.S. Oh, but DEFINITELY check out the 'Kickstarter Backers' pages in back! I think that it ALMOST makes it to a full FIVE star rating with that wonderful, wonderful presentation!

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V20 Anarchs Unbound
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