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V20 Anarchs Unbound $14.99
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by greg m. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/13/2015 09:19:54

A fairly narrow tome, this book is solid for what it has,and it does a good job of moving the Anarch Movement forward into the 21st century. The artwork is interesting and thematic with whatever is being discussed on the page. The short stories and fluff text are nice reads, but I feel the book was cut short.

There is a refresher course section that is brief history lesson from the Anarch perspective, Then it dives into how Anarchs deal with the Camarilla, Sabbat, and the Independents. There is also a blurb about how the Anarchs deal with the Tremere's most dangerous tool, Thaumaturgy, and even more briefly discusses the Anarch's own brand of gutter magic.

There is also a nice shakedown of how the Anarchs are using their (lack of) age and modern tech to their advantage.

Another chapter dives into various Anarch Baronies around the world, and discusses the different models of government these fiefdoms use. So you have the gangland model of L.A., the communist model in Russia, and a whole spectrum in between.The last section are some ready made NPC's, followed by the Kickstarter backers for the project.

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V20 Anarchs Unbound
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