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Complete KOBOLD Guide to Game Design $14.99
Publisher: Kobold Press
by Txabier A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/24/2015 23:02:07

A great product, full of many interesting ideas and specialized knowledge offered by many of the industry's top talents, whose proven track record alone makes it a worthwhile read.

Everything that will help any aspiring professionals to better present their ideas is there. Whether it is pitching them, building more coherent and cohesive systems or come up with a print-worthy and publication ready products all on their own, should they decide to do so, you will most certainly find it here.

Do mind, though: this goes beyond "simple" adventure design in a snap. While you most certainly can use it as a great source for (greatly) improving your regular gaming, all of the information contained herein is aimed at helping you plan, produce and streamline your material, from vague idea all the way up to finished product.

I, for one, am using many of its finer points as "pointers" that help me focus my novel-writing, and most of its "hardcore" design rotes as unavoidable landmarks in the thorough and all-encompassing revision of a major game line I am working on at the moment....

So yes, you can say I find this 252 ebook, and absolute must in any designer/writer's library, and one that is well worth the admission price even if you don't find it at a sale price (which I lucky enough to do).

To put it simply and in as few words as possible: if you want to have an audience that is constantly pleased with your offerings, you should get this book and learn it by heart.

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Complete KOBOLD Guide to Game Design
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