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Weapons of Legacy (3.5)
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by Paul M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/16/2015 03:46:38

Like its description says, this book provides a system for using items that become stronger depending on their wielder's experiences. There are roughly 50 of these so-called legacy items detailed here, each of them with its own history and stats. Most also have a mini-adventure that players can go on to acquire them, often including a small map that shows their location. Each legacy item (most are weapons, but there are some armors and a few miscellaneous things like amulets and instruments) has its own illustration as well, and while all of the artwork is well done, some drawings in particular are just beautiful and really give a sense as to the item's story. On top of legacy items, the book also provides mechanics for legacy heroes, monsters, and even epic legacy weapons if a DM is crafting a campaign for high level PCs. Overall, this is an excellent book with great ideas, top-notch art, and some interesting new mechanics. The legacy items also seem like they could easily be converted to the new 5th edition or even to a different game (like Pathfinder) with relatively little effort. The quality of the pdf is excellent, and it's also indexed and searchable.

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Weapons of Legacy (3.5)
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