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Publisher: Modiphius
by Stefano V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/26/2015 06:10:13

I found the Free Quickstart Preview of the "Infinity R.P.G." (developed by Modiphius Games, Great Britain, for a copyright patent of Corvus Belli, Spain) that was available from the Drivethru Site one of the More Beautiful (if not the MOST Useful, Entertaining, Interesting) products that were shared for review by the worldwide Gamers Community. I followed the Infinity brand from its inception as a very simple Miniature Tabletop Wargame with "Cyberpunk Background" to grow into the absolute BEST Skirmish Game with a very rich, detailed and original "Sci-Fi Manga Aesthethics". I tried unsuccessfully in the past to port this awesome Gameworld to My Players using systems ranging from the "Talsorian Cyberpunk 2020" to TSR / WOC "D20 Modern - Future" with low success ratio. Now that a very interesting Game Developer has shouldered this uneasy burden then there is a factive possibility to have no fatigue for obtaining an entertaining R.P.G. Experience into this richly detailed Background. The Modiphius "Game Developers Sub-Forum" has signaled that they reached the Kickstart Funding for starting to create fully at list 2/3 (Two Thirds) of the planned Manuals. They said that the Backers should start to receive their promised PDF towrds the Christmas 2015. Printed paperback Manuals would NOT available for general dissemination to the world community prior the end of 2016, so I HEARTHILY recommend the "DrivethruR.P.G." Staff to try to bargain with Modiphius the possibility of have the PDF Manuals to sell as soon as possible. In My humble opinion these could be a potentially excellent "Big Seller" for Drivethru, maybe comparable with prospective "Big Scores" like the "Exalted3" Project or the "Pathfinder" least judging from the enthusiastic interest of the various Forum Communities eagerly expecting the non-backers release of the various Manuals (that are currently still "Work-In-Progress" even for the Basic one)

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