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B7 Rahasia (Basic)
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by Martin S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/05/2017 11:57:40

Spoilers Alert

This adventure begins with the characters travelling through a forest in elven territory. On the trail ahead, they find the corpse of an elf warrior. If they look at the body, they find a letter penned by an elven maiden called Rahasia. The letter beseeches anyone who reads it to seek Rahasia in the nearby village and help her get rid a great evil come to her people.

After the characters agree to help, they must get to the temple in Gray Mountain, find the Rahib and in so doing, figure out why elven maidens are disappearing and free the elves called the siswa from the control the Rahib has over them. To accomplish this, they must explore the temple and the ruins of a tower once belonging to a powerful wizard. The adventure ends with the defeat of the Rahib and the three witch sisters.

The module is a nice one and well designed. The temple feels inhabited and as the player characters explore it, they can uncover what has transpired and even the ancient history behind the creation of the temple. Many of the adversaries (including the witches) are elven victims and as such, it would be unwise of the characters to just kill anyone they encounter. This sets the adventure apart from its predecessor and is a nice change of objective for low-level characters. It does change the way the adventure unfolds when the majority of your opponents should not be killed. Also, a nice twist of the story is that the characters must find an artefact and use it to destroy the witches.

I enjoyed the adventure and I think that the change from the regular explore the dungeon and kill everything makes it a very interesting playing experience. One thing that I think the GM should revise are the random encounter tables. While ok, some of the monsters do not make a lot of sense. For example, the temple is not in ruins and was used daily even before the Rahib arrived. Why would spiders be running free in the corridors? Unless the Rahib had an army of spiders at his disposal, which would be odd, I cannot find an explanation as to why they would be there. Besides that, the rest is well designed and worth playing as is or adapted to another rule system.

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B7 Rahasia (Basic)
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