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The World of Greyhawk (1e) $4.99
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by Bart B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/31/2018 23:51:21

Just received this item in the mail today. Knowing full well there would not be a 'pull-out map' of Greyhawk, I was still pretty stoked...because I planned to print out the map images from the .pdf anyway. ;)

However, I have to say that I was surpisingly disappointed from a 'professional' standpoint for two reasons, both which have been identified in comments under the 'Discussions' tab by other customers. (I use the term professional here not as one who needs this item as part of my profession, but because I find it reasonable to expect that a vendor has exercised a certain amount of professionalism in disclosing the discrepancies with a product before expecting clients to pay for said product.)

First, there were several pen/pencil markings that were evidently on the original document used to produce both the .pdf and printed booklet. One or two marks, that'd be a bit funny...but not this many for something that costs actual money. Markings aren't on every page for sure, but there are enough markings - marks that a cyclops with a javelin sticking out of its eye would notice - for me to consider this of a quality one would make for their buds as opposed to quality of a level one would expect of something being sold.

My second disappointment regards the images of the Greyhawk maps. Several of the printed map images are missing page-length portions along the edges. It is obvious the scanner of the original document did not pay attention when ensuring complete images of the map sections were captured, and visible, for this product. This would be fine, at least for me, if the .pdf version contained complete map images, but unfortunately there are discrepancies with missing bits of the map images in the .pdf as well. So...those of us who weren't concerned about not getting a 'pull-out map' because we could individually print the .pdf map images are S.O.L (possibly a professional term, depending on your profession). However one approaches the map images here, both the printed booklet and the .pdf file have the same discrepancy...missing portions of the map images.

Shifting gears, I like that the physical size of the printed book is almost exactly the size of most of the hard cover D&D items I own...makes storage on a shelf for a mild, and I stress the term mild, OCDer a pleasant thing. I mention this as I've seen a Canadian YouTuber reviewing a POD item that happened to be sized a bit different than their hardcover D&D books. The glossy cover here is nice as well, and I think the overall color throughout the book is well within acceptable expectations on a scan of such a document/item.

I've also seen some comment on the quality of the darkness of the text in the printed book. It may be a bit on the light side, particularly compared to some of the other POD items I've purchased, but it is also darker than other items I now own. Bottom line on the print, its just fine...and I recently started using reading glasses, but don't need them for this book. THANKS!!

Regardless of the two discrepancies I mention in the beginning, I'm still content I have the booklet and .pdf file...for the nostalgic aspect if nothing else. I like to think these discrepancies were something simple as supervisory oversight, something that slipped thought the crack on an otherwise busy day. Nonetheless, attention to detail counts, resulting in a '3 of 5' rating. It would be tremendous if DTRPG surprised everyone who purchased this/these product(s) by sending them something like a dice bag or a cheap set of polyhedrals...a small token of acknowledgement for the bungle. But when I remind myself the .pdf and booklet, combined, were less than $12.00, I just smile and think about how fun it is to have these things in the first place. (Then again, how incredible would it be if all of the items in my DTRPG Wishlist were mysteriously in my DTRPG Library the next time I logged in? Or even better, in the mail?! Hint, hint.)

In the end, I will have fun and enjoy using these products...and it will take more than these discrepancies to keep me from being a return customer.


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The World of Greyhawk (1e)
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