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Structured Free Association Story Plot Method Pay What You Want
Publisher: ThinkDifferent
by Petteri T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/12/2018 13:42:21

The method presented here seem really robust and powerful, but it is not really presented clearly in this book.

The guide lack overall example that would show how to pick Theme, then derive Keywords from it, use those to inspire Character creation, add those characters to Plot snippets and Preparing a session. Now the guide has separate examples for each step accompanied by quite arrogant "Now- I just wrote those too in 60 seconds by looking at my keywords" description. The text explicitly asks not to look at the keywords at the appendix, since those have nothing to do with the rest of guide.

Almost all examples have this same problem: they demonstrate the end results of the method and not the steps required to reproduce them. It is nice that author can create a five part plotline in 10 minutes, but I certainly can't, and the end result of the method as example does not help me to achieve that.

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Creator Reply:
There were shortcomings on this title for sure in terms of depth of clarity and explanation. The method is relatively subjective and requires some practice that is hard to put in writing in full. I would recommend checking out a few of my other titles namely Adventure Design in Practice and Preparing Scenes - they are extensions to this publication - and should be more concrete for one part.

Build your keyword library whenever you come across cool hooks and aspects that you don't have immediate use for. This way you can remind yourself of that single idea in a different context. The mind constructs logical narrative, far better than pure random generation.
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Structured Free Association Story Plot Method
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