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Wolves of God: Adventures in Dark Ages England
Publisher: Sine Nomine Publishing
by Olivier R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/09/2020 10:16:12

When I first saw this, I was not attracted to the theme (Dark Ages England is not my cup of tea and, as a Frenchman, I was quite ignorant of this part of English history). I bought this out of curiosity and because I know the quality of the author's work. It was a discovery. The writing is not dry (as is often the case with historical material). A great job was done to make the rules reflect the setting . Also there is a lot more interesting adventuring in this setting to be done, as it is written, than I would ever have thought possible. Lots of useful ideas in there. This can also be used for your low magic, dark fantasy setting, quite easily. But I'd like to emphasize how the writing made the setting interesting to someone like me who was not attracted to it in the first place. A warning though: as (I think) a homage to Chronica Feudalis, this book is written as if it were a RPG manuscript written by a Saxon monk of the period. I found it great for immersion into the setting, but it might not be to every reader's taste (and it also reflects the prejudices of the time from a Saxon perspective). It might be nice to add supplements covering the Saxon invasion from the Wealh's perspective (and maybe also introduce somehow Arthurian elements) as well as further advancing the timeline as to cover the Danish invasions (this book made me interested by the Last Kingdom TV show, which I love and provides quite a few ideas for a band of adventuring young Saxon PCs). All in all, it's been a blast to read and I hope to play this game one day. 5 stars for me (the pdf is gorgeous). Sorry for my bad English as I am not a native speaker.

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Wolves of God: Adventures in Dark Ages England
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