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Publisher: Modiphius
by Bob V. G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/27/2021 15:13:30

Recently I soloed my way through Star Trek Adventures Quickstart (for several players and one game master). I did use the six characters that are in this module. To solo this I used The Mythic Game Master Emulator. So, the adventure started with the shuttle trip to the planet and then ambush #1. Soon after this the characters found the two federation combadges they were looking for. The next thing that they found was a crashed Romulan shuttle. Inside it, they were surprised to find a traumatized dog in a cage (Fluffy looked like a mastiff, but with more hair). T’Prel, the female half-Vulcan, calmed the dog down and rescued it from the shuttle. It followed her everywhere after that. Ambush #2 allowed diplomacy (Yay! It worked). They were led to the source of the mysterious alien signal and they were able to figure out the process on how to disable it. They were rudely interrupted by a group of Romulans. The Romulans were subdued and tied up. So, now they attempted the signal shut down. Strange things started to happen and the first officer demanded a translation of these new developments/signals. The translation was “self destruct sequence engaged”. They ran for their lives. There was no time to free the tied up Romulans. At a four-way intersection, the terrified dog ran the wrong way. T’Prel ran after it. The explosion happened and most of the mining complex was destroyed along with T’Prel and Fluffy. The settlers and miners were outraged. The first officer promised food and supplies. The characters escaped from the planet and later they did deliver the supplies. This was followed by T’Prel’s funeral and the first officer was written up for the mission failure. Maybe you will have better luck. - - This fun 31 page module is free on DriveThruRPG. It contains 16 pages of rules for the 2d20 system, 6 PC characters, 7 pages for the adventure, 4 stat blocks for enemies, and 1 map. Give this exciting adventure a try! – The attached image is of a place where they were getting some rest and relaxation (at the end of the episode).

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Star Trek Adventures Quickstart
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