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Hundred Devils Night Parade (Collected Edition) $24.99
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Robert F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/17/2021 16:55:53

I bought this book for, as the description states, "examples when creating your own creatures", since no bestiary is going to have exactly what you want when it comes to antagonists in a game like Exalted. Unfortunately this book doesn't really provide that.

One thing this edition has sorely needed for the longest time is a Storyteller's guide, and the quick character system in the core rulebook is a good example of why. I realise I'm going to get crucified for this comparison, but the good thing about simpler systems like D&D and Pathfinder is the mechanics of antagonist difficulty is set out so you can adjust a monster's stat block and abilities and know how much more/less of a challenge it's going to be if you adjust it, or so you can swap out abilities while knowing if they're equivalent or not. The QCs for different types of exalts in the Core book are good examples of this, with how much essence/excellency dice/stunt dice they can have at different levels, even if they don't provide many example charms. But for that you need generic examples of monsters, or at least multiple examples of monsters of the same type and power level to draw comparison from.

This book sadly doesn't have that. What this book does have a lot of is what I call "adventure in a box" monsters, which are good to go as is, and are perfect if you're wanting exactly this kind of robot dragon, or evil cloak, or flaming mouse to fight against this week, but very little you could customise to be something similar or use as the base for something else entirely. For example the Rakshasa noble featured is Essence 3 and has 100 motes of essence, compared to the ones in the core book at Essence 2 with 20. Is that meant to be typical for how powerful a noble at this level should be? Are his charms a good basis for what Rakshasa charms can do, or are they just what the developers wanted this noble to be able to do retrofitted into a set of rules.

Barring one template for making a certain kind of wyld-corrupted creature, this is what you get for the whole book - you get a lot of specific demons, but not how to build your own demon, leaving you to work out what (if anything) they have in common so you can build your own from scratch. It's like trying to reverse-engineer what Beef is by looking at a burger, a doner kebab and a plate of meatballs, so you can make mincemeat for your chili. And while one could argue that it's just inspiration so you can homebrew entirely from scratch, if you're prepared to do that you don't really need the book at all.

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Hundred Devils Night Parade (Collected Edition)
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