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Hammer & Klaive
Publisher: White Wolf
by ronald c. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/18/2012 16:34:31

I bought the POD physical copy. I also have the pdf. I have wondered for some time about the quality of these products compared to the original prints.

Some details: the covers are nicely done and full color. The colors are bolder and a bit more 4-color comicbook than the originals but there isn't enough difference to matter unless you've got two copies side by side.

The margins: There is an offset of about a quarter inch around the pages, they do say that they're not full bleed but from one book to another that can make a big difference. In a few of the books i've bought it only winds up looking like a bit of extra white space between the border and the edge. On a couple the full page decoration does come up short but it isn't enough to be an issue.

Scaling: Some of these books are scanned copies and I have seen some scaling in the graphics due to the conversion down that extra 1/4" which leads to some grainyness in some pictures. It is not serious and depends on the book and the graphic in question.

If the prices on used copies of these books ever drop below the price for POD I would snap them up but the POD is a perfect replication for both gaming and archival purposes.

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Hammer & Klaive
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