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Battlesystem Miniatures Rules (2e) $4.99
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by Bruce L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/24/2004 00:00:00

Excellent scan of a classic game, and a classic miniatures reference book! BattleSystem 2nd Ed. is a decent adaptation of 2nd Ed. AD&D to miniatures gaming. It is a fun way to play out those wars, and large scale conflicts, all DM's long to battle...

There are some weaknesses in the game (magic spells are not fully listed in their adapted form, some points in the game mechanics are not fully developed, and the statistics for many relatively common creatures are not listed in the rosters in the back), but these are not all that major -- every mini's game I've ever read/played has been like this. I enjoy this quality, as it invites the players to join in the game designing aspect, fleshing out the rules, according to what they enjoy.

Can this game be adapted to mass combat for 3rd Ed. D&D? Yes, it can. This is, however, a miniatures game -- not an RPG. Having said that, the reader must recognize, and acknowledge, that all the bells and whistles of 3rd Ed. D&D cannot be transfered into the tabletop miniatures game -- it is a separate game! Things will be lost in the translation. It was, and it still is, an excellent adaptation of the various D&D games, into a tabletop miniatures game.

In addition to the game rules, themselves, this book includes a superb painting guide -- making this book worth more than the asking price, by far! I used this guide to learn the trade, though I don't paint to the high standard they eschew. I cut corners to save time, but still, this guide is excellent -- one of the best I've ever read/studied, in my 12+ years of mini's gaming. The book is full of beautiful, color photo's of many, and varied, fantasy mini's. Table terrain features are discussed in passing, as well. Overall, this book is an excellent introduction into miniature gaming, terrain making, and figure painting!

With regards to the quality of the scan, you will need to set your printer to its best print quality setting to read the Reference Card (small print), as well as the text (at "normal" quality, it is very grainy); it is easy to read on screen, but printing is a bit worse. The uncompressed file is 26 MB, while the compressed, zipped version, is 23 MB. Expect a looonnng download, unless you have a high-speed connnection to the Internet. Cheers!

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Battlesystem Miniatures Rules (2e)
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