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Chronicles of Darkness $19.99
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by MICHAEL K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/29/2020 10:15:59

I've been playing WoD games since early 2000s, been a Storyteller myself since 2004. I love all White Wolf games; that's why I was sad back when I found out about the "new" company taking over my beloved series. Little did I know that the change was for the better. Chronicle of Darkness is the spiritual successor to one of the better Role playing games out there, the infamouns new World of Darkness. nWoD had its faults, had its issues but it showed potential.

This is where Onyx Path Publishing steps in. Chronicles of Darkness was born, a revision of the nWoD that made it almost perfect.

Truth be told, for quite a while I preffered sticking to old games, like Apocalypse, instead of the firt itteration of Forshaken, but Onyx turned the tide. Chronicles of Darkness introduced so many excellent changes, like the best new addition in Role Playing games since we first used dice: its Majesty, the Beats! Whoever though of that needs a raise!

All in all, CoD is an excellent book, can be used with any SPLAT you want other than the "official" ones. Best basis for a RPG since for ever!

As for DriveThruRPR, you guys rock! My book was just delivered, mint condition, still smelling fresh!

Love you guys, love this series! I'll be getting the Awakening 2nd ed, Forshaken 2nd ed and Requiem 2nd ed in the not so distant future!

We'll talk again! :) Mike

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Chronicles of Darkness
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